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The air mattress is a rather comfortable alternative to sleeping bags. It is made of either PVC vinyl plastic, textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber. Many people are now using air mattresses as guest beds because they can be rolled up and stored away when not in use, freeing up space for those who have smaller apartments.
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Other than that, campers also use air mattresses. Some of us really like camp trips but can’t abide sleeping on the hard ground. Air mattresses are very portable; they usually come with a carry bag and you can bring them whenever traveling.

There are a few types of air mattress, and they come in twin, queen and king size, though king size is rare.

Some air mattresses are raised so that they look like traditional beds and are easier to get into. More often than not, these have a second air chamber beneath that is constructed to be sturdier and make the air mattress not wobbly. Raised air mattresses are also called air beds.

Raised air mattress

There are air mattresses with a metal cot, for campers who like to sleep above the ground. There are air mattresses with integrated pillow, and air mattresses with memory foam. Memory foam is a material that will react with the human body heat, and instantly conforms to the body, making the air mattress really comfortable to sleep on.

To inflate an air mattress, we can use our lung power, a manual pump, or an electric pump. But a lot of air mattresses now come with built-in electric pump! So it’s just a matter of plugging in and flipping the switch. These built-in pumps can also take out air from the air mattress, so deflating is also done by turning the switch.

All right, I’ll tell you more about air mattresses in later posts, do remember to read my posts on How to Choose the Best Air Mattress and my air mattress reviews!

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