Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed Nylon Flocked with Built-in Electric Pump

Some of my friends loved air mattresses so much that they decided to use raised air mattresses as regular beds. Well, there are only a couple of reasons I don’t, and one of them is that my regular bed is still lasting me out and I’m not the sort to throw stuff out unless they are beyond repair. :)

Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed Nylon Flocked with Built-in Electric Pump

Doesn’t Wobble!
Well, if you like to use an air bed regularly, consider the Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed. I’ve slept in this air bed at my best friend’s place for a few days, and it’s pretty comfortable. It is designed with multiple channels so that it has a firm surface. So no matter you are sleeping on one side, near the edge or in the middle of the bed, it stays firm and flat. That’s what makes it so comfortable!

And Joel E. Stevens, a reviewer mentioned this feature that I agree is a nice one:
“Another nice feature not readily known or stated is that the bed has a channel all the way around between the two sections that allow you to actually tuck in a sheet, with a larger gap at the corners. A very nice feature that should be noted.“

Quiet Pump
The built in electric pump is super easy to use and very quiet. To inflate the air bed, turn the dial to one side, and turn it to the other side if you want to deflate it. You can also adjust the firmness of the air bed by an easy to reach button, though adding a handheld remote control would be a nice touch.

Smaller than Queen
The one major complaint by most reviewers on the Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed is that it is not a true Queen size! The measurements given were larger than the air bed really is, and this is more of a large double bed. I didn’t measure my friend’s air bed, but another user gave the measurement as 77″ x 56″.

If you think the size is good for you, get the Intex Supreme Air-Flow Queen Airbed Nylon Flocked. Intex priced this air mattress economically as always. If you’re using this as a regular bed, it might be wise to invest in a memory foam pad as well.

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