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We built this site because air mattresses are the ultimate overlooked amenity in almost every home. No one spends a lot of time thinking about an air mattress until they are spending the night sleeping on one!

This site is dedicated to finding the best air mattress, tips and tricks for repair, and other helpful information for everyone to have the best night’s rest on a cushion of air.

For how little attention they get, air mattresses are everywhere.

Air mattresses have been an essential part of camping and outdoor adventures since their earliest days. Whether you are on an excursion with your family (uncomfortable kids makes for even less sleep for the parents!), or embarking on a more serious adventure (air mattresses are lightweight and take up minimal space), waking up well-rested is key to your enjoyment.

Air mattresses are also an important thing to have in every home. No matter how many guest rooms you have, there will always come a time when the number of guests exceeds the number of beds. Accommodate any and all of your friends by not just giving them a place to sleep, but with a good air mattress making sure they get a great sleep.

Whether you are camping, hosting guests, or crashing with friends’, there’s no reason sleeping on an air mattress should be anything less than a great night’s rest.

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Everyone who’s moved long-distance knows the importance of an air mattress waiting for furniture to arrive!