Air mattresses are fun. Just ask any awestruck five year old who has just finished watching a flat bundle of plastic inflate in minutes into a comfortable and movable bed, and they will thrillingly let you know how fun an air mattress can be.

Top Chart Of Best Air Mattress

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Best Value Convertible Air Mattress Coleman 4 In 1 Quickbed

[Editor Choice]

4.4/5 Buy It On Amazon


Aerobed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed For Kids

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4.3/5 Buy It On Amazon
Best Air Mattress Aerobed®-Guest Choice Air Bed
4.4/5 Buy It On Amazon
Best Raised Queen Air Mattress Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed With Built In Electric Pump
Raised Queen Air Mattress Intex Raised Downy Queen
4.1/5 Buy It On Amazon
SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress
4.2/5 Buy It On Amazon



Are you searching to find the best-rated air mattress available this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our detailed buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect air bed for your needs!

You could be looking for an affordable option for your home or apartment. After all, ‘regular’ mattresses are quite expensive, where you can easily have one of these for a couple hundred bucks or less.

Top 5 Best Air Mattress Reviews And Buying Guide

1.Best Value Convertible Air Mattress Coleman 4 In 1 Quickbed


This has got to be the best bargain I’ve ever got for air mattresses! The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbedconsists of two twin air mattresses you can use separately, convert into a king size bed by attaching them side-by-side, or convert into a high twin bed by stacking them together.

Use it for Camping or As Guest Beds

This versatility comes with an amazing price two-thirds of a twin size Aerobed. I really couldn’t resist buying this even though I already own a raised twin size guest bed. If my friends come around unexpectedly I’ll have the beds ready!

I have used it both as camping bed and as guest bed. It’s very fast to inflate and deflate, and rolls up neatly when you don’t need it. The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed is not self-inflating, but for such a price, what’s spending another $10-15 getting a manual pump?

Comfortable Enough

There are people who bought this as a permanent bed (wow…) because they thought it worked just as well. I’d say it really isn’t as comfortable as the real bed, it’s an air mattress after all, but it’s comfortable enough to sleep on for a few days.

“Still sleeping on the bed nightly, *still* working wonderfully! The ‘top’ mattress (when stacked) does need an occasional bit of air every few weeks, but no big deal.” – K V, reviewer from Amazon.

I’ve never had to refill the air mattress with air when I use it, but the longest I’ve ever slept on it without deflating it is one week. That was the first week when I bought it from Amazon. I figured that I should test it out as soon as possible so that if there were any leaks or problems I can send it back immediately.

I’ve had the Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed for a year now and I still love it. Click here to get it from Amazon now with free shipping, or read the other reviews from users: Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed


2.Aerobed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed For Kids



I came across this air mattress lately when I was looking for something to buy for my sister’s newborn. I say, the AeroBed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed for Kids is so popular with parents that it must be the best air mattress for kids.

Best for Kids

The reason this air mattress caught my eye is that it received 449 five-star reviews at Amazon! I’ve had so much experience with air mattresses that I immediately saw why. This air mattress has raised sides so if your kid is sleeping on it, you won’t wake up in the morning to find that he/she has rolled off onto the floor. And indeed, many of the reviewers praised this feature.

I bought this air mattress for my sister even though it is for kids aged 3 and above. I saw many reviewers claiming that they used this air mattress for younger kids without problems, so my sister should be able to use it for her baby before he turns 3.


Just like the standard Aerobed, the AeroBed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed for Kids also comes with a built-in electric pump that makes inflating and deflating real fast and easy. From a flat piece of plastic into a bed in less than one minute.

For the same price as the adult twin size Aerobed, this air mattress included a fitted mattress pad or sheet. How nice! The sheet fits over the air mattress with elastic bands and you can remove it to wash.

I think this can be a nice traveling or camping bed for kids too. It rolls up easily and stores away in the included carrying bag just nice.

Anything I don’t like?

Yes, there is a plastic or vinyl smell when it’s new just like some users described it, so my sister now puts it out to air until it loses the smell.

Check out the other reviews for the AeroBed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed for Kids here. I highly recommend this air mattress.

3.Best Air Mattress Aerobed®-Guest Choice Air Bed


The leading brand of air mattress, Aerobed, has plenty of quality air mattresses, but I choose this AeroBed Guest Choice Air Bed as the Best Air Mattress overall for its balance in comfort, portability, ease of use and price!


The material is a coil construction with velvety surface that is nice to sleep on without sheets. I still like to put sheets on it when using indoors to keep it clean. It is available in twin size and queen size, both fit standard size sheets. It’s very comfortable to sleep on and the firmness can be adjusted by just a turn of the switch.


The AeroBed Guest Choice Air Bed rolls up really small and you can put it back into the bag easily. We’ve used this air mattress for traveling and it sure beats most of the spare beds our hosts provide us!

Ease of Use

This air mattress inflates and deflates super quick! I’ve never seen any other air mattresses that deflates as quickly as this one – 15 seconds! The inflation is slightly longer but still faster than any other. It’s easy to do it too, just turn the switch and you’re done.


The price is reasonable, slightly higher if you compare to Intex air mattresses, but I think Aerobed Guest Choice Air Bed is a notch above Intex air beds in comfort, portability and ease of use, so I gladly paid for the difference.

I’ve been rather lucky in my purchases of air mattresses; I don’t often have to return them. We bought two twin size Aerobed Guest Choice Air Bed (two years ago) which arrived in perfect condition and they’ve lasted us till now.

If you’re worried about getting a damaged air mattress (air mattresses are quite prone to leaks, it stands to reason), try to buy from some company that would gladly take returns without questions asked, and much preferably bear the return shipping costs as well. I myself always buy from Amazon and try the air mattress out as soon as it arrives, so that I can return it immediately if there’s any leak in it.

Click here to see the Aerobed Guest Choice Air Bed at Amazon, and read other user reviews as well while you’re there.

4.Raised Queen Air Mattress Intex Raised Downy Queen

Best Raised Queen Air Mattress Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed With Built In Electric Pump

There were times when my parents came to visit and didn’t stay the night because all our guest beds were mattresses on the floor, which would be rather uncomfortable for my mother who has backache. But not since we got the Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump.

Raised 22 Inches from the Floor

This air mattress is very easy to get into because it is raised from the floor like the normal bed. My mom loves it because it has dual chambers – the bottom one is firmer and supports the whole thing, while the top one is soft and comfy. Once fitted with sheets, this air bed is just like any normal bed.

In fact we never roll up this air bed and keep it in the closet, but just leave it like a permanent bed in our spare room. Sometimes when I need an afternoon nap, I’ll use this Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump instead of my own bed because it’s so comfortable!

Built-in Pump

The built-in pump is a nice touch. It’s very easy to set up, just roll it out flat (with the right side up), plug it in and flip on the switch. Then watch it fill up with air in about 3 minutes. Oh, you don’t have to watch it, you can do other stuff and come back later.

And of course, with a built-in pump, you can add in or let out air as you like to adjust the firmness of the bed.

Best Raised Queen Air Mattress

The only thing I didn’t like about it is the color, but I have bed sheets on it all the time so that makes no difference.

Intex is a hard competitor of Aerobed and their price is often lower. For a queen size air mattress, and a raised one at that, the Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump is very affordable at about $70. But I got a bargain because I love to shop at Amazon for their great return policy, and caught a 22% discount with free shipping! The last time I looked, the offer is still going on, so if you’re getting this air bed, click here now: Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump.


5.Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

This is the best you can ever offer your guests. No doubt about it. I had never slept on such a stable and firm air mattress like this.

Only recently the queen size air mattress that we have always pulled out for our guests finally met its demise. Fortunately we have used enough air mattresses to know that we should check a few days before our guest arrives.

Anyway, this led us to buy this heavily reviewed and bestselling air mattress. It came in a rather good packaging – the cardboard was thick so I was pleased to see the air mattress couldn’t possibly suffer any accidental rip or tear in the delivery.

We quickly unpacked the tightly folded air mattress and plug the cord into the wall. The built-in pump is a simple dial that you turn to inflate or deflate. As with most air mattresses, there is a sound from the motor as it inflates all the way up, so don’t be alarmed.

For those of you who care about the time it takes to inflate fully, it was four minutes, a bit slower than my Intex air mattress. The one minute difference shouldn’t be a deal breaker though, because you’ll love the support this air mattress provides.

Firm and Stable Air Mattress

This air mattress can actually support a weight of 500 lbs! And no, it’s not a marketing gimmick either.

My friend who came by with his wife is a big and muscly man and both of them should weigh a total of 400 pounds or more. Frankly I was worried that they’d both end up on the floor the next morning.

At the end of the stay, both of them were pleased with the air mattress and complimented so much that we just had to try it out ourselves.

This air mattress rocks! Or rather it didn’t. I meant that it stayed so unwobbly and firm that it didn’t feel like we were sleeping on an air mattress at all.

When one of us gets up, the other can feel a slight sink, as if you were sleeping on a soft spring bed. It doesn’t rock around as if you were sleeping on a boat.

The height is also a good 19 inches so that adds to the comfort of sleeping on this air bed. You can easily adjust the firmness even when lying on top of it by reaching out and turning the dial, though I wished it came with a remote control.

This air mattress stayed firm throughout a few nights before needing a short boost of air. Of course, before really sleeping on it, you’d need to pump it up a few times to help get the PVC material to reach its maximum stretch.

The SoundAsleep air mattress has a flocked top which makes the surface soft and smooth to the feel, and it helps to keep the sheet in place (unless you are a really bad sleeper).

Easy to Use

Some people commented that the actual size is slightly smaller than a standard queen. I never bothered with the measurements because I have fitted standard queen sized bed sheets onto this mattress without a glitch.

Best of all, I love how easy it is to put away this air mattress. The air mattress deflates like a vacuum bag. You don’t have to sit on it and press out any remaining air. You don’t have to get your kid to lie down and roll along the length.

Putting away the air mattress only consists of turning the dial, wait for it to completely flatten, and then roll it away. We didn’t sleep on the air mattress on a permanent basis, but you can do so as some reviewers have done.

If you are looking for a quality queen size air mattress that is worth the price, this is the one. The SoundAsleep air mattress is no budget air mattress; it is the best air mattress for a guest or spare bed.