cheap air mattresses

Cheap Air Mattresses

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Air mattresses are costlier compared to regular ones however with research you can get durable and cheap air mattresses. Air mattresses are very useful when you go out camping or for road trips. You can use them even indoors. If you don’t have any extra rooms or beds and you have friends or relatives over, air mattresses come in handy.

There are many brands of air beds to choose from today. Some of them are available at discounted rates and are worth buying. Just because you get a cheap air mattress it does not mean that the quality is bad.

Cheap air mattresses have the same features as those which are a bit expensive. They have waterproof flocked upper portions which are very comfortable and take the shape of the user on the bed.

Some of the air mattresses come with one or two valves for inflating and deflating purposes. They come with large carry bags so you can carry them around. Some come with inbuilt pumps whereas in some cases you will have to purchase a pump and its batteries separately. You can also check the ultimate 2019 air mattress guide.

Best Cheap Air Mattresses Reviews in 2019

cheap air mattress

I have mentioned below 5 cheap and affordable air mattresses that are worth buying.

EnerPlex Luxury Queen Air Mattress

Enerplex comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. This air bed can be used both indoors and outdoors. Enerplex luxury queen size air mattress has a waterproof flocked top. It gives your body remarkable support as it is firm and comfortable. Those with back issues will find relief while resting on this queen size bed.

Made of durable and sturdy PVC material, this air mattress does not get worn out or punctured easily. You can easily carry around this mattress after it is deflated in its large carry bag which is provided with the airbed. The pump inflates the air mattress within 90 seconds.

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Etekcity Queen Twin Airbed

The beauty of this twin airbed by Etekcity is that the inner body of the mattress is solid and durable. Made up of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, this queen size air bed has been designed in California.

The sturdy PVC material is 20 times stronger than most air beds. Etekcitys twin air mattress has 2 valves one for filling up the air and the other for letting the air out. Its dimensions while in the inflated state are 80 x 60 x 9 inches. The pump comes with the airbed and it inflates the air bed quickly without any hassle.

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OlarHike Queen Air Mattress

OlarHike Queen air mattress has a soft velvet top portion and it is waterproof. This air bed comes with an inbuilt air pump. All you need to do is plug in the pump and you can fill it up with air depending on your requirement as to how firm you need the air mattress to be.

OlarHike along with the air mattress also will provide you with a carry bag and a patch repair kit. You can adjust the air mattresses firmness while inflating the air bed. After you are done with charging the pump you can store the cable in the built-in compartment in the side of the mattress so you do not misplace and keep searching all around the place for the charger.

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JOOFO Portable Queen Air Mattress

Premium quality PVC has been used to make Joofoos Queen size air bed. The material is non-toxic and skin-friendly even for children. The material is long-lasting and does not get any scratches nor does it wear out easily.

Before this mattress is sent out in the market, Joofoos does a complete 100% leakage and quality test on their products.

This portable queen size air bed comes with a noiseless inbuilt air pump which has a spring back switch to prevent air leaking out. You can control the air input and the firmness in these mattresses can remain up to 2 nights.

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EZ INFLATE Queen Air Mattress

EZ Inflate Queen size air mattress comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. The inner portion of the air mattresses is made up of air coils which keep the mattresses firm. It takes the shape of the user and does not cause any back issues.

This queen size air bed is comfortable for 2 people to lie down on it without having the feeling of being cramped.

The air coil technology inside this mattress keeps the air bed firm and stable. EZ Inflate also allows you to customize and control the firmness and air input in the air bed as per your comfort.

The top portion of this air mattress is soft and plush and you can sleep on it even without any sheets.

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