Coleman Air Mattresses

Coleman Air Mattresses

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Coleman is one of the most popular brands after Intex, SoundAsleep who has introduced an amazing line of indoor and outdoor air beds, camping equipment, etc. Situated in Kansas, Coleman has been in the air mattress manufacturing business for many years. Their air beds are sturdy but comfortable. They are made of durable material and have a puncture-resistant covering. Some of these mattresses come with or without inbuilt air pumps.

Coleman air mattresses come in many sizes. The most popular of them are the ones in queen sizes as they are huge and comfortable for 2 people to relax on it. Their air beds have a comfort coil technology that provides ultimate relaxation to anyone lying on it. You can also check our best air mattresses guide.

Some brands of airbeds even release an odor while deflating which can be annoying. Coleman mattresses do not cause any issues like this. Also, its valves are tight and secure so while inflating the air bed, air does not come out easily. There have never been any complaints of the mattress getting punctured or losing air at a fast rate.

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I have listed below for you 5 Coleman’s air mattresses that are worth investing in.

Coleman Double High Air Mattress

This double high air bed by Coleman is super comfy and has a sturdy built. It’s built with a comfort coil technology. The top portion of the bed contours to the shape of the person sleeping on it rather than being stiff.

It has a secure latch and valve system so that no spillage or leakage happens. It inflates within 2 minutes and deflates without making any sound nor releasing any gaseous odor.

Its dimension in an inflated state is 78 x 60 x 18 inches. For those having backaches, they will get instant relief just by lying down on the airbed.

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Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quick bed

This firm air mattress by Coleman has a soft top portion. It comes with a 4D electric pump and the inflation process is much faster compared to other brands. It has a comfort coil system that provides immense back and spine support and gives ultimate relaxation for those with back issues.

Its dimensions are 73 x 58 x 8 inches, and on this airbed, twin and queen size sheers would be perfect.

The best feature about this quick bed is that it comes with 2 cup holders one on each side. You can keep your remotes, chargers, bottles conveniently next to you instead of getting up from the air bed.

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Coleman Elite Extra High Airbed

This 78 x 58 x 9.5 inches extra high airbed by Coleman is perfect not only for indoor but also when you go outdoors for your camping trips.

Its height is raised a bit higher so you can easily get in and out of the air bed. Its air valve latch is tight and prevents leakage of gas.

The double valve allows inflation to take place much faster compared to other competitors. During this process, there are no sound or any kind of gas smell released.

Also, it does not get worn out easily and is puncture resistant. This Coleman air mattress can withstand weight up to 600 pounds.

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Coleman Easy Stay Single-High Airbed

This single high air bed comes with a large duffle bag for you to store it when you are not using the air mattress. Its inbuilt electric pump inflates the air mattress quietly and also deflates it faster than other brands.

It has an airtight valve which does allow air to seep out. The air mattress has been specifically designed for indoor usage. Its usage of comfort coil technology ensures comfort along with the durability of the air mattress.

For this air mattress, twin size bed sheets would fit perfectly. It is made of premium quality PVC which is sturdy and durable.

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Coleman Easy Stay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed

This air mattress is one of the best in the Coleman collection. Its a 4 in 1 king size single air bed. Made of high-grade durable PVC, this air bed comes in a dimension of 73 x 38 x 8 inches.

When you have a lot of guests over at your place and there is no spare room available, this king size mattress will be the most comfortable air bed for them to relax on.

Its comfort coil technology used to design this air bed ensures comfort and relaxation. When you are not using the air bed anymore all you need to do is wrap and roll the air mattress and store it away in the bag provided to you by the mattress.

This air bed can be used as a king-size bed, a double twin or as twin beds which are joined together by a large-high-quality zipper.

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