Deluxe Air Mattresses

Deluxe Air Mattresses

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Deluxe air mattresses are very useful to keep at home. If you have guests over or you love camping or plan on going on road trips, these deluxe air mattresses come in handy. There are many brands of air beds in the market today. Airbeds come in various shapes and sizes. Deluxe air mattresses are a bit expensive compared to regular mattresses. However, their features are somewhat similar to them. Many mattresses are made up of fiber coil technology just like our regular memory foam mattresses. They take the shape of the body lying on it and give it instant relief.

Many deluxe air beds brand-wise offer 2 to 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Deluxe air beds are larger, comfortable and offer a luxurious feel. The kit comes with power chords, built-in pumps, and inflatable pillows. As air mattresses are costly it is a bit difficult to get an affordable one. It is always best to purchase air beds which have added features. Deluxe sized air beds have a raised height which makes it easy to climb in and out of them. You can also check the ultimate 2019 air mattress guide.

Best Deluxe Air Mattresses Reviews in 2019

Deluxe Air Mattresses

I have mentioned below 5 deluxe air mattresses that you can purchase. They are durable and will last for a long time.

ALPS Rechargeable Air Bed Review

ALS air bed has been specially designed for outdoor use. The inbuilt pump is made of good quality. The pump can be charged via a car charger as well as a wall charger. To ensure that the pump has a long life, allow the pump charge to be completely used up. You should charge the pump for at least 12 hours. This increases the battery life of the air pump. The top portion of the air mattress is waterproof and flocked. It prevents you from slipping while sleeping. It also prevents the bedsheets from slipping. It is comfortable and plushy and keeps you relaxed while you lie on it.

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Texsport Deluxe Airbed Review

This deluxe air mattress comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. This mattress is available in darkish green color which looks eye-catching. This air mattress is portable, lightweight and durable. It is made up of strong PVC material that does not get worn out easily. This airbed can be used indoors and outdoors.

Texsport deluxe air bed is designed using coil beam construction. It has a soft top portion and its base is firm and strong. You can easily inflate this mattress using an air pump or a vacuum.

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Audew Queen Size Air Mattress Review

Audew Queen-size deluxe mattress is very popular for its durability and the comfort it provides. The air bed inflates within 3 minutes. It has been structurally designed using coil beam technology which keeps your body firm on the mattress and contours to its shape.

It also relaxes your body and relieves you of any ache you might have. This air bed has many layers. Its top portion is velvety soft. Its inflated state dimensions are 80”  x 60” x 18”.Once you have achieved the desired firmness for the air bed, the air pump will automatically shut down. You will also receive a patch repair kit just in case the air bed gets worn out.

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Avenco Twin Air Mattress Review

Avencos deluxe air mattress comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. This twin air mattress has an inbuilt air pump that can be turned off and on with just a click of a switch. Avencos air bed is made up of eco-friendly material and is non-toxic.

It can withstand weigh up to 440 pounds. The air bed is 35% thicker than other brands making it more comfortable for you. It also has a raised height of 18 inches. The raised sides of the mattress prevent you from falling out from the air bed and gives extra comfort. In this kit, you will receive a user manual, car charger adaptor, and a patch repair kit if in case the airbed gets punctured or torn.

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 HIFORT Queen Air Mattress Review

Hifort specializes in manufacturing household products and has always received a lot of appreciation from its customers. The deluxe mattress by Hifort is just one of their many high-quality products. It is made up of strong and non-toxic PVC that is also skin-friendly.

Its inflated dimensions are 80″x 60″x 18″, and this air bed is perfect to keep at home when you have a lot of guests over. It is portable and light to carry around. You get a large carry bag with the air mattress. You can use it outdoors for your camping trips. It inflates and deflates fast without hassle within 3 minutes.

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