How To Repair An Air Mattress Leak

How To Repair An Air Mattress Leak

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Your air mattress doesn’t feel firm anymore? It might be leaking air. A small leak in an air mattress is not difficult to repair by yourself, and here are the steps to do it:

Find the leak

There are many ways to find a leak. It could be visible to you immediately or you might have felt the air coming out of it. If that is not the case, look at the valve first. If the valve is the leaking source, there’s nothing you can do but send it in for warranty replacement (if there is a warranty, of course).

If it’s not the valve, then it’s the body of the mattress. There are two ways to find a leak in the body, one is to inflate your mattress and then put soapy water over the body. There will be popping bubbles where the leak is.

The other way is treating your air mattress like a car tire. Deflate it almost completely, place it in water and press it gently. There will be air bubbles coming out of the leak.

Mark the leak

Once you’ve found the leak, mark it so that you don’t miss it again. You can use a marker for this.

Repair it

Deflate your mattress wholly. Make sure the part where it’s leaking is lying flat on the floor. If the leak is a tiny puncture, you can use one of those crazy glues or super glues on it. Just cover the puncture with a drop of the glue and let it dry overnight.

If the leak is along the seams or a bigger tore, you can use the air mattress repair kit to patch it up. If your air mattress didn’t come with a repair kit, you can buy it at the same place where you bought your air mattress.

Then follow the instructions on the kit to patch up the hole.

The best air mattresses will last long enough for you to get good use out of it before developing leaks. So how do you choose the best air mattress? Read my posts on How to Choose the Best Air Mattressand How to Choose the Best Air Mattress for Camping.