Intex Air Mattress

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For more than 40 years, Intex has been one of the most sought after air bed brands in the market. Intex has made it their policy to be committed in producing products that meet stringent safety standards to ensure that their customers are safe and satisfied when using their Intex products.

What I love most is the design and range of air beds that is available to fit all budgets, purpose and style. These air beds are made with in-built pumps that are great when you want your air bed to be ready to be used within a couple of minutes. It also deflates as quickly too!

Here are my Top 3 Intex Air Beds:

Intex Queen Size Supreme Air-Flow Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump


For easy home use, this great air bed has a flocked top to provide the best comfort an air bed can give. Raised 20 inches off the ground, you can be assured that you are kept away from the cold ground. Intex has engineered this model with inter-connected air pockets on the top and sides of the bed. This feature enables air to flow smoothly and gradually across the sleeping surface for stability and comfort when slept on. The Velvetaire® flocked finishing is super soft to the touch and provides friction to perfectly tuck linen in and prevents it from slipping off the bed.

Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

The construction of the dual chambers allow the combination of the boxspring function (bottom chamber) and mattress (top chamber) to provide the comfort and support of a regular bed. The flexibility of inflating and deflating the chambers allows you to cater to your needs. To top it all off, a plush and waterproof flocked top will make your sleeping experience exceptional. It is also designed with a raised top which acts as a built-in pillow so you don’t need to carry around pillows while you travel. A duffel bag is included in your purchase for portability and easy storage. Just keep in mind that since it is made from vinyl (which tends to relax after a while), you will need to reinflate to maintain the desired firmness if you are using it for a few more days.

Intex Queen Foam Top Rising Comfort Raised Airbed Set

intex-rising-comfort-airbedInnovation is key in engineering Intex products to ensure that its products are ahead of its competitors’. The latest addition to its products is its new memory foam range which ensures the ultimate comfort. This Intex air bed contours the body (so that you feel warm and comforted) and reduce unnecessary pressure on your body so that you have better night’s sleep. This set will be great for most home use. It comes with a tethered remote control so that you can easily adjust the firmness of the air bed without ever losing the controls.

Intex Air Mattress/Airbed

With Intex, you can expect that every air bed purchased will provide the best comfort and durability to meet your needs, so that each unit is a great long-term investment. The superiority of Intex air beds is evident in each air bed.