pool air mattresses

Pool Air Mattresses

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When you go on a vacation to the beach or a resort with family or friends, you will take with you pool equipment like pool rafts, pool air mattress, floats, etc. Pool air mattresses or rafts are fun to have around a swimming pool. They are ideally designed for a pool environment. You cannot use a pool air mattress while out at sea due to currents.

Best Pool Air Mattresses Reviews in 2019

pool air mattresses

I have listed below for you 5 airbeds best suited for pool purposes that are of really good quality.

2-Person Swimming Pool Mat Float by Swim Central

Swim Central has come up with an amazing line of inflatable pool mattresses that are durable, sturdy and are made of premium quality. This 2 person swimming pool mattress comes in eye-catching colors that will make your swimming experience fun. The air mattress comes with a 36 French pocket feature.

It is made of premium quality vinyl that makes the product long-lasting. If you face any kind of wear and tear or puncture, you can solve it with a patch kit that you receive with this float. It also has a headrest feature so you can relax while lounging around in your pool.

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Inflatable Sumo-Sized Swimming Pool Raft

This mega inflatable pool mattress comes with a lot of attractive features and is very popular among teens and adults for their pool parties. This super-sized blue air pool mattress comes with 2 cup holders to hold your cans of beer or cold drinks so that you don’t spill on the mattress or in the pool and make a complete mess. The holders are one each on both sides.

The best part is the built-in compact mini ice cooler to chill your beer cans. It has an inflatable inbuilt pillow and also its sides are raised a bit so you can grab on to the sides while chilling out in the pool.

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Inflatable Dual Window Pool Air Mattress

Swimline has introduced a blue and white dual window pool airbed that is made up of premium quality sturdy vinyl. This material does not puncture or get worn out easily making your pool mattress last for a very long time.

After use, do clean and maintain it well so that it can last for a long time. This dual window pool mattress has 36 pocket holes and they have a diamond design in the center making it appealing.

2 people can easily relax in this pool bed without easily slipping off. It also comes with an inflated headrest that is translucent.

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Colorful Stars Inflatable Air Mattress

This colorful stars air mattress by Pool Central comes in 3 colors- pink, orange and yellow and in varying sizes. The air mattress is transparent thus allowing you to see the clear blue water while lying face down.

It inflates easily and quicker, unlike other brands. It also comes with a PVC patch repair kit just in case the mattress faces any wear and tear.

Its material is made of durable and sturdy high-quality vinyl so getting punctured is out of the question. It is recommended for ages above 14 years

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Cool Stripe Mattress Pool Float

Measuring 72×30 inches, Swimlines transparent pool mattress comes in many vibrant assorted colors. The inflatable lounger is durable and long-lasting. It is made up of premium vinyl that doesn’t get worn out easily. If you maintain it well, it can last for long.

The stripes design on the float is very eye-catching. So if you take this to any pool party, all your friends or family will be waiting to lounge on this float. It is firm and comfortable and you will not fall off easily like other brands.  After using this float, use a mild bleaching agent and give it a good wipe with a clean cloth.

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There are many kinds of pool air mattresses available on the market. While purchasing one, do check its quality and material. After using any pool equipment be it a raft or a float, always deflate it well. Use a mild bleach which you will get in any pool shops. Bleach helps in removing any slime or algae from the surface of the mattress. The bleach needs to be mixed with around 1 gallon of water. Use a brush and apply it evenly on the air mattress and let the solution remain undisturbed for a few minutes. Finally, wipe it nicely and do not let any dampness or moisture remain on it. You can also check our best air mattresses guide.