SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

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This is the best you can ever offer your guests. No doubt about it. I had never slept on such a stable and firm air mattress like this.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Only recently the queen size air mattress that we have always pulled out for our guests finally met its demise. Fortunately we have used enough air mattresses to know that we should check a few days before our guest arrives.

Anyway, this led us to buy this heavily reviewed and bestselling air mattress. It came in a rather good packaging – the cardboard was thick so I was pleased to see the air mattress couldn’t possibly suffer any accidental rip or tear in the delivery.

We quickly unpacked the tightly folded air mattress and plug the cord into the wall. The built-in pump is a simple dial that you turn to inflate or deflate. As with most air mattresses, there is a sound from the motor as it inflates all the way up, so don’t be alarmed.

For those of you who care about the time it takes to inflate fully, it was four minutes, a bit slower than my Intex air mattress. The one minute difference shouldn’t be a deal breaker though, because you’ll love the support this air mattress provides.

Firm and Stable Air Mattress

This air mattress can actually support a weight of 500 lbs! And no, it’s not a marketing gimmick either.

My friend who came by with his wife is a big and muscly man and both of them should weigh a total of 400 pounds or more. Frankly I was worried that they’d both end up on the floor the next morning.

At the end of the stay, both of them were pleased with the air mattress and complimented so much that we just had to try it out ourselves.

This air mattress rocks! Or rather it didn’t. I meant that it stayed so unwobbly and firm that it didn’t feel like we were sleeping on an air mattress at all.

When one of us gets up, the other can feel a slight sink, as if you were sleeping on a soft spring bed. It doesn’t rock around as if you were sleeping on a boat.

The height is also a good 19 inches so that adds to the comfort of sleeping on this air bed. You can easily adjust the firmness even when lying on top of it by reaching out and turning the dial, though I wished it came with a remote control.

This air mattress stayed firm throughout a few nights before needing a short boost of air. Of course, before really sleeping on it, you’d need to pump it up a few times to help get the PVC material to reach its maximum stretch.

The SoundAsleep air mattress has a flocked top which makes the surface soft and smooth to the feel, and it helps to keep the sheet in place (unless you are a really bad sleeper).

Easy to Use

Some people commented that the actual size is slightly smaller than a standard queen. I never bothered with the measurements because I have fitted standard queen sized bed sheets onto this mattress without a glitch.

Best of all, I love how easy it is to put away this air mattress. The air mattress deflates like a vacuum bag. You don’t have to sit on it and press out any remaining air. You don’t have to get your kid to lie down and roll along the length.

Putting away the air mattress only consists of turning the dial, wait for it to completely flatten, and then roll it away. We didn’t sleep on the air mattress on a permanent basis, but you can do so as some reviewers have done.

If you are looking for a quality queen size air mattress that is worth the price, this is the one. The SoundAsleep air mattress is no budget air mattress; it is the best air mattress for a guest or spare bed.