travel air mattresses

Travel Air Mattresses

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When you go for a trip, it makes sense to take along travel air mattresses. If you get stuck on the road or if you decide to fall asleep below the stars, having travel air mattresses for your family and yourself are a boon. There are many excellent travel air mattresses available on the market today. You can opt for one that will suit your vehicle, your need and your budget. You can also check the best air mattresses guide.

Best Travel Air Mattresses Reviews in 2019

travel air mattresses

Let’s check the Top 3 travel air mattresses on the market

FBSPORT Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed  Review

FBSPORT is a multipurpose mattress used for indoors and outdoors. It is a perfect choice for your long journeys.  This mattress is good for camping trips with your family. The inflatable mattress can be used both in your car and home. It is a great mattress for adventures.  It is a perfect air bed for car travel since it has a back cushion. Besides this, the air cushion gives you extra protection while sleeping. The quality of the mattress aids in improving your health. The mattress is designed so that it can be used on almost all types of vehicles or SUV’s. It comes with two air pillows for extra comfort when you are sleeping.  The flat and comfortable shape of the mattress helps in a better sleeping environment even in your car.

FBSPORT mattress is made using a strong PVC/oxford fabric. The soft surface offers extra durability. It also increases the level of comfort.  The mattress and pillow can be easily inflated using a pump. It can be inflated fully within a minute. It is foldable and can be easily carried in a storage bag. The firmness and air quantity can be adjusted as per your needs. Now, you can make the most of your outdoor trips with this reliable inflatable mattress.  

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Overmont Sleeping Mattress Pad Review – Cheap Travel Air Mattress

Overmont sleeping mattress is an ideal selection for everyone. It is lightweight and weighs 2.6 pounds. The mattress is comfortable to sleep on. You can easily carry the mattress to the beach, camping trips, or a picnic. It is moisture-proof. You can use it indoors and outdoors.  This mattress is perfect for camping trips and can be used at your home too.  The thickness can be increased to 4.8 inches to provide you the comfort of a regular mattress. The size of the mattress is 75×24 inches. This sleeping pad is ideal for a six feet tall person.  The mattress features an in-built foot pump to inflate the pad within three minutes. Open the cap and you can use your hand or foot to pump.  

It is safe for small children as the material used is skin-friendly. This mattress is strong and flexible. A good quality pongee fabric is used along with PVC coating.  This mattress is water-proof and is capable of floating. It can also be used as a floating mattress for a sunbath. The mattress has a maximum weight holding capacity of 400 pounds. After use, you can open the valve and release air. Fold the mattress and roll it. Tie it with a belt. It can be packed in a tiny bag as it is only 14x6x4 inches.  You can put in the side pocket of your bag. This is the best mattress at an affordable price.

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HAITRAL Inflatable Air Mattress Review

HAITRAL mattress is soft and comfortable to use. This mattress is strong and robust.  It is lightweight and a portable mattress. It can be easily carried in a handbag.  The PVC coating is environment-friendly.  It is a good mattress for all your sleeping needs.  It easily fits in almost all cars, MPVs, or SUVs. This mattress also fits in minibuses and trucks. It is a perfect mattress for travelling, camping, adventurous trips, and other outdoor activities. 

It has additional protection for children. This prevents children from falling. You can inflate the mattress and pillow easily as per your needs. The mattress has a dual valve design and is simple to inflate. It offers a comfortable atmosphere while sleeping and traveling. You can sleep on the car bed safely and enjoy the trip. 

The material used is PVC fabric and is waterproof. That’s why it is easy to clean. HAITRAL offers two air pillows and one air mattress for added comfort. After continuous use, a leak is normal. By using an air-pump, you can inflate the mattress and pillow again. HAITRAL comes in a variety of colors like beige, gray, and black. Make sure to check the size of your car seat before buying it. Also, ensure that the inflation port is sealed to avoid leakage. The dimension of the bed after inflating is 35.4 x 55 x 17.7 inches. You can make the most of your outdoor trips with this HAITRAL inflatable mattress.  

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