Aerobed Air Mattress

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Every camping enthusiast should have a comfortable bed that he or she can rely on. Every home should have a great spare bed for unexpected guests or overnight visitors. AeroBed has made this possible with its comprehensive range of high quality air mattresses that will provide both indoor and outdoor comfort. These amazingly comfortable AeroBed air mattresses inflate and deflate in a matter of seconds and can be carried around in their own carry bags.

From dual power outdoor air beds to child-friendly air mattresses, AeroBed has almost every need possible. Here are my picks on the Top 3 AeroBed Air Mattress:

AeroBed 64225 Family Travel Pack Queen and Twin Mattresses with Rolling Duffel Bag

If you enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors with your family, this family travel pack is a great set. It’s also useful if you frequently have large number of guests sleeping overnight. What I like most about it is that, once deflated (it takes roughly around 60 seconds to inflate and deflate each mattress), both air mattresses can be rolled up and stored in a durable rolling duffel bag that makes transportation easy and quick. The air coil construction of these air mattresses also ensure that your back is fully supported all night long.

AeroBed Inflatable Bed for Kids

This AeroBed is specifically designed with children in mind. The inflatable bed is built with a safety cushion surrounding the bed to keep kids from falling out from it. Kids just love it because it is comfortable to sleep in. The included star and moon design mattress pad is a great addition to help insulate any cold drafts from the ground. You can also be assured that despite the roughhousing your children may do with the inflatable bed, they will be able to enjoy it for a long time. It takes more than the occasional jumping to cause air leaks from this air bed.

AeroBed Extra Bed with Built-In Pump

If you are living in a tight space, this air mattress will be great as a spare bed for guests. This convenient air mattress inflates in less than a minute thanks to the built-in AC-powered built-in pump. Deflating it is even much easier with the Whoosh® valve that will deflate the bed within 15 seconds. These two features takes the hassle out of setting up an air mattress or pulling out a sofa bed. It is also puncture-resistant with a two-layer, oval coil construction for ultra comfort! The soft, textured top not only provide comfort but also prevents bedding from sliding off and making squeaky noise as you move around all night long.

AeroBed Air Mattress

AeroBed is definitely a clear favorite in the market because it gives the best value out of your purchase and provides an extensive selection. You will hear nothing but positive reviews about AeroBed air mattresses. Never again will you wake up with achy back when you are not sleeping on your own bed! AeroBed air mattresses definitely feels like a regular mattress, which is definitely what most of us want.