Best Air Mattress Aerobed®-Guest Choice Air Bed

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The leading brand of air mattress, Aerobed, has plenty of quality air mattresses, but I choose this AeroBed Guest Choice Air Bed as the Best Air Mattress overall for its balance in comfort, portability, ease of use and price!



The material is a coil construction with velvety surface that is nice to sleep on without sheets. I still like to put sheets on it when using indoors to keep it clean. It is available in twin size and queen size, both fit standard size sheets. It’s very comfortable to sleep on and the firmness can be adjusted by just a turn of the switch.


The AeroBed Guest Choice Air Bed rolls up really small and you can put it back into the bag easily. We’ve used this air mattress for traveling and it sure beats most of the spare beds our hosts provide us!

Ease of Use

This air mattress inflates and deflates super quick! I’ve never seen any other air mattresses that deflates as quickly as this one – 15 seconds! The inflation is slightly longer but still faster than any other. It’s easy to do it too, just turn the switch and you’re done.


The price is reasonable, slightly higher if you compare to Intex air mattresses, but I think Aerobed Guest Choice Air Bed is a notch above Intex air beds in comfort, portability and ease of use, so I gladly paid for the difference.

I’ve been rather lucky in my purchases of air mattresses; I don’t often have to return them. We bought two twin size Aerobed Guest Choice Air Bed (two years ago) which arrived in perfect condition and they’ve lasted us till now.

If you’re worried about getting a damaged air mattress (air mattresses are quite prone to leaks, it stands to reason), try to buy from some company that would gladly take returns without questions asked, and much preferably bear the return shipping costs as well. I myself always buy from Amazon and try the air mattress out as soon as it arrives, so that I can return it immediately if there’s any leak in it.

Click here to see the Aerobed Guest Choice Air Bed at Amazon, and read other user reviews as well while you’re there.