Aerobed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed For Kids

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I came across this air mattress lately when I was looking for something to buy for my sister’s newborn. I say, the AeroBed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed for Kids is so popular with parents that it must be the best air mattress for kids.

AeroBed-Sleep-Away-Inflatable-Bed-for-KidsBest for Kids

The reason this air mattress caught my eye is that it received 449 five-star reviews at Amazon! I’ve had so much experience with air mattresses that I immediately saw why. This air mattress has raised sides so if your kid is sleeping on it, you won’t wake up in the morning to find that he/she has rolled off onto the floor. And indeed, many of the reviewers praised this feature.

I bought this air mattress for my sister even though it is for kids aged 3 and above. I saw many reviewers claiming that they used this air mattress for younger kids without problems, so my sister should be able to use it for her baby before he turns 3.


Just like the standard Aerobed, the AeroBed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed for Kids also comes with a built-in electric pump that makes inflating and deflating real fast and easy. From a flat piece of plastic into a bed in less than one minute.

For the same price as the adult twin size Aerobed, this air mattress included a fitted mattress pad or sheet. How nice! The sheet fits over the air mattress with elastic bands and you can remove it to wash.

I think this can be a nice traveling or camping bed for kids too. It rolls up easily and stores away in the included carrying bag just nice.

Anything I don’t like?

Yes, there is a plastic or vinyl smell when it’s new just like some users described it, so my sister now puts it out to air until it loses the smell.

Check out the other reviews for the AeroBed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed for Kids here. I highly recommend this air mattress.