air mattresses with headboard

Air Mattresses with Headboard

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There are many airbed mattresses in the market today. You can use them not only at home but even if you are camping out or traveling in an SUV. While purchasing an air mattress with headboard, certain things need to be kept in mind like the type of mattress, its size, comfort level and its features.

You get raised air mattresses that are as comfortable as your traditional mattress. Self-inflated mattresses have a built-in pump in the product. Keeping in mind your comfort level, a much thicker air bed mattress will be cozier compared to a blow-up mattress which is thinner. These air mattresses come in varying sizes- king and queen size, twin and full-sized. Also when you are purchasing an air mattress do check the material. It needs to be tough and not easy to puncture especially if you have animals at your home.

Blowing up an airbed is not an easy task. You do get really helpful pumps. Nowadays these mattresses have inbuilt air pumps. These automatically inflate the mattress if it is even slightly deflated. Some run on batteries and others on electricity. You can also check the ultimate 2019 air mattress guide. I have listed below 5 air bed mattresses worth purchasing.

Air Mattresses with Headboard Review in 2019

air mattresses with headboard

The Tritech FullSleep Wingback Airbed by Bestway

Bestway has introduced a two-person air mattress with a headboard that provides all the comfort you need. The mattress has a headboard that is also inflatable. It has 2 holders to put in your cups, mobiles, chargers, remotes, etc. The best feature is the LED light facility. It can be attached to any part of the headrest magnetically. Its supreme quality PVC material has a sturdy firmness to it. You do not have to be worried about it deflating in the night. It has an inbuilt 110-120 v pump that immediately deflates the mattress. It also comes with a large storage bag.

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Aerobed Air Mattress

Aerobed has come up with a full-size air mattress with headboard that has amazing features. It is not only cost-friendly but also provides a lot of comfort. The air mattress is made of high-quality PVC which has a polyester finish. It has 20 inches raised height so it is easier to climb in and out. It has a USB port for charging and also a built-in pump which inflates and deflates the product quickly thus saving time. Aerobed has introduced a smart lock that doesn’t allow the mattress to deflate at night thus ensuring you have a good night rest without any discomfort.

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Intex Air Bed

This airbed by Intex is plush, comfy, cost-friendly and has received no complaints from any users. This PVC airbed is made with fiber technology. The mattress is made up of polyester fibers that are strong and longlasting. It provides the user with extreme softness and comfort. Unlike other competitors, this bed does not stretch and loosen up over time. It is extremely firm and its headboard can be used as a backrest while watching television or just relaxing. It has an inbuilt pump of 110-120v that automatically deflates and inflates the airbed. Its inflation time is up to 4 and a half minutes and does not waste much time.

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Inflatable Indoor Queen Airbed Air Mattress by Bestway 

This inflatable Queen airbed is one of a kind. It is super comfortable and also sturdy. It does not deflate that easily. Its headrest is very comfortable. The mattress has a 9-inch backrest which can be very useful if you are lounging on the airbed and relaxing. The Queen airbed has a 22-inch raise to it so it is easy to use. The airbed has inflatable edges so you won’t roll off while sleeping. It has an inbuilt pump which is very efficient. It inflates and deflates the airbed fast thus saving a lot of time and energy.

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