coleman queen airmattress

Coleman Queen Air Mattress

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With skyrocketing rents for large homes, a lot of families are choosing to live in smaller homes. When living in a small home the same space is usually repurposed differently during the day and different during the night. For times like these, it is always good to have a Coleman Queen air mattress that serves as a bed during the night and neatly rolls up into a compact and compressed roll in the morning. So you can put the space in your house to its optimal use. You can also check our top ten best air mattresses review.

Even if this is not the case, and you live in a large house, chances are that your house has full occupancy. This means that when you have guests come over during the holiday season, you may need to shell out a lot of money on hotel accommodation. With Coleman Queen air mattress you can easily accommodate your guests at home.

Besides creating a great ambiance for your guests, Coleman Queen air mattress is a great choice for those who wish to live with a sustainable minimalistic lifestyle. Using an air mattress automatically helps reduce clutter.

Coleman Queen Air Mattress Review in 2019

coleman queen airmattress

Let’s take a look at the top three queen-sized air mattresses from Coleman.

Coleman Air Mattress with Built-in Pump SupportRest Elite

The SupportRest feature of Coleman Queen air mattress replicates the same comfort of a traditional bed ensuring that you get a night of great sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The surface of the air mattress is soft and plush. It has a velvety feel to it that sets you in the mood for a nice restful sleep. With the Comfort Strong, coil construction of this Coleman Queen air mattress has a reinforced support lock that provides stability when you sleep on the surface.

With dimensions of 78 inches x 60 inches and an elevated height of 20 inches, this air mattress is every bit as ergonomic as it is sturdy. Coleman Queen air mattress features a built-in pump (120v) that ensures the air mattress inflates to the desired firmness. Coleman SupportRest Elite is factory-tested for its quality. You can rest assured that this air mattress is leak-free and will not give you a feeling of sinking into the mattress when you lie on it.

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Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed

Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop is yet another quality product from Coleman. This queen-sized air mattress boasts of a sleeping surface that is antimicrobial, is odor resistant and also prevents mildew, mold, and fungus. This not only ensures a good and restful sleep but also keeps you healthy as you sleep.

This sturdy air mattress from Coleman has a capacity of 600 lb. You can use any queen-sized bedsheets to cover this air mattress. Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop features a built-in pump (SwiftRise120Volts) that allows quick inflation as well as deflation. This air mattress also features a double lock valve. The first seal point of this valve prevents the air from escaping when the pump is removed. The second lock locks the air when you lie on the mattress.

ComfortStrong coil construction allows the coils to contour according to your body to bolster the support thereby reduce the bulging for a stable sleeping surface. As the name PillowStop suggests, this air mattress has a raised edge which ensures that your pillow won’t slip away in the middle of your sleep time.

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Coleman Double-High SupportRest Air Mattress

Coleman Double-High SupportRest air mattress is one of the most ergonomic mattresses. With 18 inches of height when inflated, getting in and getting out of the bed is easy. Greater height also makes way for extra cushioning. With 78 inches x 60 inches dimensions, this air mattress easily fits queen size bed sheets.

This air mattress is quite sturdy and has a capacity of 600 lb. ComfortStrong coil system ensures proper support for a full night of comfortable sleep. The surface of the Coleman Double-High SupportRest air mattress is plush and velvet-like.

This air mattress is great for indoor use. Wrap ‘N’ Roll feature offers convenient portability making it a great choice for outdoor use as well. Investing in this air mattress is an excellent idea as it can serve as an extra bed for when you have overnight guests. The price this air mattress is offered at is value for money and too irresistible not to buy.

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Since these air mattresses are easily deflated and can roll up into a small size, these are ideal to take with you outdoors on your camping trips. Built your kids a treehouse, but don’t want to add too much weight to it? What better option than to bring home a Coleman Queen air mattress. You can inflate it on-site and watch your kids enjoy the treehouse to the fullest! Coleman Queen air mattresses are also an ideal choice for those, who are living in a tiny house or any other form of mobile accommodation as it saves a lot of space.