Best Air Mattress With Framecot Coleman Trailhead Spacesaver Air Bed-30-x-80/

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If you need a cot to go with the air mattress when out camping, you can get a better price for a whole set instead of buying the cot and air mattress separately. The Coleman Trailhead SpaceSaver Air Bed is the best air mattress with frame/cot set I found.


We bought this for our kid to use in our camping trips because she didn’t feel safe sleeping on the air mattress placed on the floor. The Coleman Trailhead SpaceSaver Air Bed is a combination of air mattress and cot that can be separated whenever necessary.

Coleman has some other (smaller) sizes with lower prices, but I chose this size – 30″ x 80″, in hopes that a larger size will be able to withstand more weight and can be used by other taller people when occasion arises.

Lightweight and Easy to Store Away

I love the fact that it is very lightweight and portable. We go camping whenever there is a chance so it’s nice to pack up quickly and go. This air mattress comes with a carry bag and the aluminum frame folds up compactly, so easy to keep in the closet when not in use and bring to the car when we go camping.

The air mattress is not self-inflatable, so we use an electric pump to inflate it. A manual pump would do as well. I’ve tried sleeping in it and it’s pretty comfortable once you got the right firmness.

At first I was a bit doubtful that the frame would support a grown person since it was so light, but it didn’t fall into a crumple or even move around when I got onto it, so I guess it is sturdy enough. I’m not exactly petite, though not too big. The mattress is a bit narrow, military-style, so if you’re the sort who twist and turn a lot in sleep, you might have second thoughts about buying this.

What’s Not Good

When this set is fully put up or fully folded down, I have no complains about it. The troublesome part is setting it up, the notches are a bit tight. I knew this from other reviews I read before buying this but decided to give it a try anyway. A bit of practice does it; and I think this probably lends to the sturdiness of the frame, so I’m not complaining too much.

In all, the Coleman Trailhead SpaceSaver Air Bed is a good set of air mattress with cot, and you can save $20 – $100 compared to getting separate air mattress and cot.