Coleman Double Sized Quickbed With 4d Pump And Wrap-n-Eoll Storage

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I like this Coleman Double-Sized Quickbed! A friend chose this over the 4-in-1 Quickbed because this came with a separate electric pump and he didn’t need the versatility. He bought it for his camp trips with his girlfriend and claimed that it was $45 well-spent.

Very Firm

They joined my husband and I in one of our camp trips and I saw that the Coleman Double-Sized Quickbed is quite like the 4-in-1 Quickbed except for its color. It inflates reasonably fast – in about 3 minutes – and once inflated, it is very comfortable and sturdy. The coils make the air mattress firm and good for people with back ache to sleep on.

The top surface of this air mattress is a soft suede while the bottom is PVC that keeps away dirt and moisture. Perfect for camping! I think it is comfortable enough to sleep without sheets on, but it will fit any standard double size sheet.

The electric pump works well, it gets the air mattress inflated without using good ol’ arm strength, though it is a bit noisy when pumping. It also deflates the air mattress quickly. My friend takes the batteries out of the pump when he’s not using it because he found that they dry out quickly.

Compact for Two

Actually this air mattress is rather compact if you’re used to queen sized or king sized beds. Two lean people can sleep comfortably on this air mattress but it could be a tighter fit for bigger people. My friend is quite big and muscular but his girlfriend is so petite that this air mattress is just the right size.

Coleman Double-Sized Quickbed is such a bargain. For such a price, you can’t even get an Aerobed, not to say you can also use the electric pump for other air mattresses. So even if this air mattress didn’t last out (we popped quite a few air mattresses over the years, but Coleman held up well) you’d still have the pump.