Best Durable Queen Air Mattress Simplysleeper Premium Queen Airbed With Built In Pump

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If you go camping as often as we do, you’ll know how much I yearn for an air mattress that would last me longer. I mean, I know how to patch up leaks , but how I would love an air mattress that is puncture resistant! Then I found the SimplySleeper Premium Queen Airbed with Built-in Pump.


Best Feature – Puncture and Stretch Resistant

The material that made this air mattress is awesome, though I don’t know what it is. It’s said to have three layers of lightweight and air tight material which are puncture and stretch resistant, making the air mattress more durable and less prone to leaks.

The minute I touched the surface of the air mattress, I knew it was different from the other air mattress I bought. Inflation and deflation is really fast with the built-in pump, only 1-2 minutes. Once it was inflated, I slept on it and I love it! The SimplySleeper Premium Queen Airbed is really firm and comfortable to sleep on. It comes with a bag and is very easy to store away.

Great for Camping

We’ve always used this for our camping trips since, powering the pump with the portable power supply we brought for our cellphones and other equipment. One bit of tip though: if you are buying this air mattress for camping and you don’t already have a portable power depot, you might have to spend an extra $50 for it.

But it’s worth it in the long run, I think. This air mattress really lasts! You don’t know how many popped air mattresses we’ve thrown away before this one. We ourselves lost count.

Not Cheap Though

Quality doesn’t come cheap and the SimplySleeper Premium Queen Airbed is definitely in the higher price range for queen size air mattresses. Here’s the link to Amazon where you can see other reviews and a video illustrating how quickly this air bed inflates and deflates: SimplySleeper Premium Queen Airbed.