Instabed Raised Air Bed

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I used to cringe when a guest or family from out-of town asked to stay at my place. Not because I do not like their company, but because the futon I used to own was not the most comfortable. However, since I got my hands on the InstaBed raised air mattress, I am more than happy to play host.

Insta-Raised-BedWhen prepping up the air mattress, you will be able to choose between three levels of mattress firmness – plush, medium and firm. I thought plush was really soft but it seemed firm enough for me, and firm was really quite hard.

The built-in pump inflates and deflates the air mattress easily. Once you have engaged the pump, it will pump air into the mattress until the desired firmness has been achieved. It will then automatically shut-off so that you would not need to fret about overexerting the motor.

I am most glad that the InstaBed is able to withstand a significant amount of weight. I can be assured that even the heaviest guest will be able to have a restful sleep. This is all thanks to the silent secondary pump that ensures the air mattress maintains its firmness throughout the night.

The secondary pump is an automatic pump that fills up the air bed when it has lost some of its air in the night. Light sleepers do not have to worry because the pump is super quiet and you will not even notice that the pump is working.

Just make sure that the secondary pump is plugged in after the primary pump has done its job to fully benefit from the technology of this air mattress.

The InstaBed raised air mattress is really comfortable

Unlike many air mattresses, it is not made from PVC, which gets warm easily and would make someone lying on it uncomfortable. Instead, this air mattress has a flocked top that is soft to the touch and will keep the bedding in place.

The height of the raised mattress is also very convenient. Its 18-inch raised height makes it convenient for older people (or those who cannot sleep on low mattresses) to get in and out of bed.

The air mattress comes in two sizes – queen and twin. If you are already using a queen-size mattress for you bed, you do not need to buy new bedding if you decided to get a twin-size InstaBed raised bed. Due to its height, a fitted queen sheet will fit the air mattress just fine.

Although the InstaBed Raised Air Bed is a wee bit expensive, I think it is a great air mattress to invest in. Not only is it comfortable, it also lasts for a long time. I have already used mine for close to two years.