California King Air Mattresses

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When you have a lot of friends and relatives coming over and you don’t have a spare room or a big place to accommodate them, that’s when air beds or air mattresses become very useful. There are many brands of air mattresses available in the market and different shapes and sizes are available. California king air mattresses are highly recommended and sought after because it can accommodate 2 people comfortably and the quality of California king air mattresses is excellent and they last a long time.

California king air mattresses are super comfortable. The electric pumps that are inbuilt are made of durable quality and inflate the airbed quickly within minutes. Unlike other competitors, these don’t make any sounds nor do they leave out any air. Their airtight valves are firm and do not let any air out. You can also check our best air mattresses guide

Do check reviews of any airbeds you purchase so you can get an idea. Many California king air mattresses can be used indoors and outdoors and are convenient to carry around as they come in large bags of which some also have wheels.

Best California King Air Mattresses Reviews in 2019

California King Air Mattresses

I have mentioned below 5 California king air mattresses worth purchasing.

California King Size Innomax Air Bed

This California king air mattress has been designed like a box. Its height is raised by 15 inches so that it is easy for elders and young children to get in and out of the air bed.

The Medallion air bed by Innomax has memory foam that will take the shape of any person lying on it rather than remaining stiff and causing back issues.

With 38 years of experience in the mattress industry, Innomax has never given its customers any chance of complaints.

One of the best features of the Medallion is that is air input can be controlled by an LED remote which has 50 numerical settings on it. This way you can control the firmness of the air bed.

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King Air Bed Set with Foundation

This Medallion bed by Innomax comes with a box foundation unlike the one mentioned above. Its height is raised 15 inches for convenience purposes for those who need support to climb in and out of the high air bed.

The covers of the air mattress are as soft as Pet Me mink. It does not cause any kind of skin allergy and has been specially designed for those with sensitive skin.

This air bed set is dual and is joined with a large strong zipper. The air input in both the air beds can be adjusted as per your convenience.

Its LED remote comes with 50 number settings. Also, the pillow tops of this air bed can be adjusted and you can choose which one you like-memory cell or premium quality latex.

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King Koil California King Air Mattress

King Koil air mattress is the most purchased California king size air bed on the market today. It is made up of premium quality PVC that is environmentally friendly.

The top portion of this air mattress is soft and plush. Its quilted covers make you feel relaxed and comfortable when you lie down on this king-size bed.

The inflated dimension of the king-size air bed is 84″ x 72″ x 20″. King Koil also provides a patch kit just in case the air bed gets any scratches on it.

As the material is made of durable PVC, tears and punctures are unlikely to happen.

The inbuilt air pump inflates the air bed within 2 minutes without any hassle.

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Englander Microfiber California King Air Mattress

Englander Microfiber king size air mattress comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. The inbuilt pump helps in inflating the airbed faster as compared to other brands.

The outer cover of the mattress is soft and comfy. The material used to make this California king air mattress is microfiber. It is waterproof and does not get worn out or punctured easily.

Also, microfiber is such a material that will not allow you to sweat or cause any discomfort to you. It allows your skin to breathe.

The air mattress has been constructed using premium quality material and is sturdy and durable. This Englander airbed can be used not only indoors but also outdoors.

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INNOMAX Mystique Air Bed Mattress

ThisCalifornia king air mattress by Innomax has been specially designed to provide a soothing sleep and utmost relaxation to anybody resting on it. The mattress has a bit of a raised height so that it is easy for your guests to get in and out of the air mattress.

The outer cover of this air bed is suited for sensitive skin and does not make you clammy with sweat. The material is soft and breathable.

It has rigged sides so you can tuck in your king-size bedsheets easily. The surface of the airbed allows neither the sheets nor the user to slip and fall off.

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