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Lightspeed Air Mattress

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Since 2009, Lightspeed has been in the air mattress business and has happy customers all over the U.S. and abroad. When you go out camping, Lightspeed air mattress is the best that you can invest in. They are specifically designed for a rough terrain. You can also check our top ten best air mattresses.

The best features of a Lightspeed air mattress is its inbuilt battery powered air pump and its tough and soft PVC free durable material. All of their airbeds are constructed using TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This makes the airbeds lightweight and portable. Hence whenever you are going for your road trips you can easily carry the air mattresses with you.

All of Lightspeed air mattresses have Bolton double valves which are secure and firm and do not cause any leakage of air. The mattresses are made up of stabilizing agents which do not allow slippage of your sheets or yourself from the air bed.

How much ever you will bounce or move around on the mattress you will find the other person lying next to you sleeping soundly.

Best Lightspeed Air Mattresses Reviews in 2019

lightspeed air mattress

I have mentioned below 5 Lightspeed air mattresses which are well known in the market and are very useful to use especially outdoors.

Lightspeed PVC-Free Single Air Mattress

This Lightspeed air mattress has 2 chambers. The chambers have their own Boston valves attached to them so its inflation process for both the chambers is easy. The bottom portion of this PVC free airbed can be kept as firm as you like.

The top portion of the airbed is made up of Flex Form material. The fabric stretches and contours to the shape of the body lying on it rather than being stiff. As both the chambers have their separate valves, their firmness can be adjusted as per your comfort level.

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Lightspeed PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

This air mattress by Lightspeed for 2 people is PVC free. It comes in Queen Size and 2 people can comfortably relax on it without feeling crowded.

The best feature of this air bed is that it comes with a stabilizing system. This system is patented by Lightspeed.

The dimensions of this air mattress are 80″ L x 60″ W. It has a raised height up to 6 inches. It comes with a battery-powered pump however in this kit you will not receive any batteries.

Weighing up to 6 pounds, this PVC free air mattress comes with Boston valves which are durable, firm and secure enough to not let out the air.

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Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe Air Bed

Lightspeed air beds are made of premium quality TPU. It is more durable and sturdy compared to other competitors. Also, the air bed can fit queen size sheets perfectly.

This deluxe 2 person air mattress also has a stabilizing feature that is patented by Lightspeed. With its 2 Boston valve system, you can control the air input in both the portions of the air bed.

The air bed is PVC free and does not cause any kind of skin allergy nor make you all sweaty and uncomfortable.

You will receive a large bag so you can fit the air bed in it and carry it with you wherever you go.

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Lightspeed Air Bed for Camping and Travel

Weighing an 80.1 x 55.1 x 7.1 inches, this air bed makes a perfect choice for outdoor camping. If you are on the road most of the time, Lightspeed is the best choice.

This air bed comes with a battery-powered pump that inflates the air bed instantly. The batteries will have to be bought separately.

The best feature is the Boston valve. One of the valves is for inflating the air bed and then deflating it when not in use. The other valve is only used for letting out the air from the bed. However, always do keep in mind to shut the valves firmly to avoid air seepage.

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Lightspeed 2 Person Air Mattress for Travel

This queen size air bed by Lightspeed comes in the dimensions of 80″ X 55” x 7″ and is lightweight and portable.  It weighs up to 5.6 pounds. The material used to make this 2 person is breathable and keeps you warm and comfortable rather than sweaty.

Unlike the above-mentioned air beds, this one has only 1 valve. It can comfortably have 2 people on it. After usage, you can pack it up in its large bag. This air mattress is perfect for outdoors as well as indoors.

The air pump with this mattress does not contain batteries. The material used to construct the airbed is tough and puncture-resistant. It does not get worn out easily. But do keep pets away from it. Unlike some competitors, this air bed does not release any kind of plastic odors.

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