Coleman Suv Quickbed

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My friend who knew I write air mattress reviews asked me to find him a good air mattress for car camping. Coleman makes the best camping air mattresses and again I found a great one from Coleman for car camping, the Coleman SUV Quickbed!


Adjustable length

The length of this air mattress is just right to fit most SUVs like Tahoe, Suburban, Xterra, Explorer, Trailblazer, Honda Element, 4Runner, and Dodge Durango. But if you have a shorter space, this air mattress can also be filled up partially because it has separate chambers – one long and one short one.

“I really liked the fact that you can adjust the length. I have a Mazda5 and so needed to leave it shorter to avoid closing it in the door and popping it like the last mattress.” – Angie, at Amazon.

As for the width, it’s more or less like a twin sized bed so it won’t fill up the whole back of the SUV, but it’s wide enough for one adult, and about as comfortable as any air mattress.

This air mattress is also great for tent camping because the bottom plastic surface keeps away moisture and dirt while you sleep, and is very easy to wipe clean!

Need a Pump

You’ll have to buy a manual pump for this air mattress if you haven’t got one already. But that’s not a big deal because you can get one for as little as $10 – $15. Add that to the price of this Coleman SUV Quickbed and it is not even the price of an Aerobed.

After I told my friend about this, he bought it, and he has been camping in it ever since. In a summary, this is an affordable, easy to use and clean air mattress that is great for sleeping in an SUV. Check out other reviews for the Coleman SUV Quickbed here.