King Koil Air Mattress

King Koil Air Mattress

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One cannot emphasize enough on the number of benefits of investing in an air mattress. Not only does it make for a thoughtful gift for your friends and family but also for you. If you find yourself fascinated with living the minimal lifestyle and wish to cut back on how many things you possess, then a King Koil air mattress can help you do away with a traditional bed. Using a King Koil air mattress allows you to wrap up the mattress into a neat and compact roll when it is not being used. Thus helping you move sustainably towards a minimalistic lifestyle.

It is no secret how housing rents have soared over the last few years. This makes it difficult for a lot of families to afford large homes. The next best option they are left with is to consider a smaller house or a mobile home. Opting to live in a smaller area compels you to efficiently manage the space crunch. This may also require you to repurpose the same space for use during the day and then using it differently during the night. King Koil air mattress can help you use the space in your house optimally as these air mattresses can be compressed into a small roll and can be stowed away.

Have guests coming over for the holidays? Don’t wish to shell out your hard earned money on their accommodation in a hotel? Why not accommodate them at home? With the King Koil air mattress you will always stay ready to host family and friends. Having the guests stay over will not only give you more time to catch up with them but the guests too will enjoy the warm welcoming feeling of your home. You can also check the ultimate 2019 air mattress guide.

Best King Koil Air Mattress Reviews in 2019

Let’s quickly take you through our top three picks of King Koil air mattresses.

King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress Review

One of the biggest disadvantages of sleeping on an air mattress is that the pillow does not get sufficient traction and it keeps sliding away to the point of falling off the mattress. However, with King Koil California King Luxury air mattress, this is not the case. This air mattress features a built-in pillow. A built-in pillow automatically eliminates the possibility of the pillow sliding off.

The top surface is sewed to ensure the bedding stays in place. The extra thick quilt top is waterproof. This thick quilt top provides good support to the spine and is also recommended by the International Chiropractors Association, as it provides proper spinal alignment and promotes good sleeping posture.

The inflation and deflation process is rather simple. This air mattress can be fully inflated in less than two and a half minutes. The dimensions of King Koil California King Luxury air mattress after full inflation are 84 inches x 72 inches x 20 inches. A mattress this large is comfortably sufficient for two people to sleep on it.

In case you happen to accidentally tear or puncture the air mattress, don’t fret. All mattresses from King Koil come with patch kits. Be sure to use the patch immediately as soon as an air leak is detected, before the puncture or the tear gets bigger.

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King Koil Queen Air Mattress Review

King Koil Queen air mattress features a flocking layer that is soft and extremely comfortable. The top surface is a suede top that is waterproof and extra thick. This makes for a plush and comfortable surface to sleep on. This air mattress also has a built-in pillow. You can sleep on this air mattress peacefully, without worrying about the pillow sliding off.

This air mattress from King Koil uses enhanced coil technology. Coils filled with air combined with internal layering ensure your body is well supported and also keeps your spine aligned during sleep. These coils also help maintain the shape and firmness of the air mattress over time.

King Koil Queen air mattress has a built-in pump, which features separate deflate and inflate knobs. This keeps the inflation process simple and quick. The inflation process takes less than two minutes and the air mattress is ready for use. The inflated dimensions of this air mattress are 80 inches x 60 inches x 20 inches.

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King Koil Twin Air Mattress Review

The King Koil Twin air mattress is ideal for use at home as well as on camping trips. It has a capacity to support 350 lbs. of weight, making it ideal for users of all sizes. This twin air mattress inflates very quickly, within ninety seconds. Once inflated, the dimensions of this air mattress are 76 inches x 38 inches x 20 inches.

This air mattress is fully flocked on the top and on the sides with a soft velvety material. The flocking is durable and waterproof. The built-in pillow ensures you get a comfortable sleep. Coil-Beam construction helps keep the mattress firm and promotes good sleeping posture and proper spinal alignment.

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