Air Mattress Full Size

Air Mattress Full Size

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The full-size Air Mattress gives the user a more comfortable space to sleep on especially if you and your partner are sleeping on it together. These mattresses have a luxurious fit and feel. These full-size Air Mattresses have a high and large profile which makes it look exactly like a conventional full-sized bed.

Full-size Air Mattress can also be used in outdoor situations such as camping. It can also be easily transported due to its compact size once deflated. We have gone ahead and selected some excellent options for you. You can also check our top ten best air mattresses.

Best Air Mattress Full Size Review in 2019

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed Review

The Comfort Plush Elevated mattress by Intex is constructed using thousands of polyester strands which make up the internal beam support structure of the mattress. This enables the mattress to be extremely strong, comfortable, durable yet lightweight. You will be glad to know that the technologies used in this product are so unique that they have been patented. The top of the mattress is made using materials that are very soft to the touch. You will fall asleep the moment your body comes in contact with its plush surface. The sides of the mattress are made of luxurious velvet-like material which is resistant to punctures.

The mattress comes along with an inbuilt air pump for quickly inflating and deflating the mattress. The mattress has a high profile of 22 inches when inflated which makes it as tall as a regular bed. The sleeping area is 80 by 60 inches.

The mattress has a weight-bearing capacity of 600 lbs. Two adults can be comfortably accommodated on this mattress. This mattress helps you to be stress-free as you know that your guests will be well taken care of. The mattress comes along with a bag for easy storage and mobility of the product.

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Sable Air Mattress Full Size XL with Built-in Pump Review

The Air bed by Sable is an extra-large sized inflatable bed with a height of 19 inches. The mattress comes along with a 130W air high-capacity pump. The air pump is integrated into the body of the mattress. The entire mattress is inflated in under 5 minutes. Once inflated the mattress is able to retain its firmness for several days.

There are wave-like air channels in the mattress which help hug the contours of your body. This enables you to get comfortable sleep. The air mattress can be used in different situations as per your requirement. It can be used while camping or when you have guests staying over. Due to its lightweight and portability, you can also take it while you are visiting someone at their residence. The air mattress can also be filled with a manual pump.

The flocking on the sleeping surface of the mattress is soft and plush. The base of the mattress is thick which prevents the mattress from moving about. The mattress is constructed with PVC. This makes the mattress waterproof and easy to wipe down. Sable mattresses have a warranty for a period of 12 months which can be extended post registering the product to 30 months.

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OlarHike Queen Air Mattress Review

The Air mattress by Olar is a queen-sized premium double-height air bed. The Olar air mattress has an integrated air pump. This can be used to effortlessly inflate or deflate the mattress without excessive noise as compared to its competitors. A simple twist of the power switch to the right will inflate and a turn to the left will deflate the mattress. Reinforcement in the seams as well as the thick layers of fabric used to ensure that the mattress does not spring any air leaks.

The mattress fully inflated will remain so for at least 48 hours without compromising its structural integrity. Owing to the air chambers and beam construction the mattress is firm and comfortable; the mattress can easily occupy 2 adults. The mattress gives its users an unparallel sleeping experience. The top of the mattress is soft to the touch and has a velvety texture. The materials used in the construction of the mattress are waterproof and easy to clean.

The package along with the mattress have, 1 bag for storage of the mattress, 2 patches for repair and 1 instruction manual. The mattress has a 2 year returnable or refundable warranty and lifetime after-sales support.

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A full-sized air mattress is very useful, versatile and practical. It is especially useful when you have friends or relatives staying over or when you need to bring your own bed while traveling outdoors.

These mattresses are durable and easy to clean because of the use of waterproof materials in its construction.  They provide an unmatched level of comfort and support while you sleep on it. All these mattresses come with an inbuilt air pump for rapid inflation and deflation. They are also compatible with manual pumps. We are sure that our well thought of selection of full-size air mattresses has proved much useful to you.