Sound Dream Series Air Mattress With Comfortcoil Technology And Internal High Capacity Pump

Sound Dream Series Air Mattress With Comfortcoil Technology And Internal High Capacity Pump

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The Sound Asleep Dream Series is an air mattress with Comfortcoil technology and an internal high capacity pump. Sound Asleep has product lines such as the Sound Asleep Dream Series and the Cloudnine Series. The entire range of Sound Asleep products is supremely comfortable.

We have selected the best products from the SoundAsleep Dream Series for you as well as one from the Cloudnine line-up. The company, Solimo LLC is a US-based company which is committed to providing you the best possible sleep through its air mattresses and also the best after-sales support. You can rest assured of a restful and peaceful sleep using these products. You can also check the best air mattresses guide.

Sound Dream Series Air Mattress With Comfortcoil Technology And Internal High Capacity Pump Review in 2019

Sound Dream Series Air Mattress With Comfortcoil Technology And Internal High Capacity Pump

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

The Dream series line by SoundAsleep is an extremely comfortable mattress. Top-quality raw materials are used in its conduction. The environment-friendly PVC is thick, durable and waterproof. The mattress consists of 21 air chambers within the mattress which offers the users excellent support and comfort while sleeping.

The mattress is deployed with ease by just twisting the pump switch clockwise which will silently inflate the mattress in under 4 minutes. The mattress comes conveniently wrapped in its bag which is portable and can be stored easily. The mattress can be deflated by the same pump by turning the twisting the pump switch anticlockwise. The wires are easily stored in the recessed cord holder. The mattress inflated measures 73 by 38 by 18 inches.

The top of the mattress is soft and plush. The bottom of the mattress has an anti-slip surface which prevents the mattress from sliding or slipping.The mattress is of double height which makes it easy to get on and off. This is a perfect addition to your home. It is especially useful when you have guests staying over.This mattress comes along with a warranty for a year along with excellent customer support based in the US.

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SoundAsleep Products SoundAsleep CloudNine Series Queen Air Mattress Review

The Cloudnine range by SoundAsleepis a technologically advanced air mattress system. It uses an air pump with dual functionality.  The air pump is used to inflate as well as deflate the mattress within 4 minutes.

The user has the flexibility of 3 separate levels of firmness as per their preference. The air pump also works uninterruptedly to ensure that the air pressure set by the user is maintained throughout the duration of your sleep.The pump automatically switches off once the set pressure is maintained. The design also incorporates a structural support feature know as I-beams which ensures rigidity and enables the mattress to have a perfectly flat surface to sleep on. This offers unmatched comfort to the user.

The walls of the mattress, as well as the flocking, is extremely sturdy as well as waterproof. It is made out of material which is highly resistant to puncture.The mattress measures 78 by 58 by 19 inches. The mattress has double air chambers which are stacked over each other. This gives the mattress a double-height which looks premium and is comfortable. The mattress comes with a warranty for a year. Customer service is easily reached 24×7 by email or telephone.

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SoundAsleep Raised Twin Size Premium Air Mattress Review

The SoundAsleep double-height Dream Series are extremely comfortable and perfect for home use. The double-height construction of the mattress gives the feel and look of a traditional mattress. It is an excellent option when you need additional space to sleep when you are having guests over. The mattress comes along with an air pump that quietly inflates the mattress in 3-4 minutes.

After use, the mattress can be quickly deflated using the pump and neatly folded and stored away in the provided sturdy nylon storage bag.The mattress post inflation measures 73 by 38 by 18 inches. The multiple layered flocked top is made using 15 gauge material so that the user gets a soft sleeping area. The mattress comprises of 40 air cells which provide a level surface for the user to sleep on. The base of the mattress has an anti-skid surface which prevents it from moving around.

The mattress can easily accommodate 2 adults due to its ideal size and load capacity of up to 500 pounds. The material used in the construction of this mattress is extremely durable and rugged making the mattress resistant to punctures. SoundAsleep believes in offering the best customer experience. You can reach out anytime through email or by phone.

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We hope that you liked the products chosen by us. We can assure you that they are of the highest quality. Best quality materials are used for making these air mattresses. All these mattresses have excellent weight-bearing capacity.

These mattresses are soft and comfortable to sleep on. All these mattresses are inflated in a matter of minutes and are very easy to set up. They are also easy to clean and maintain as they are made of waterproof materials. This will be a great addition to your household as you never know when you may need an additional bedroom.